Engaging and Impactful Presentations

Being engaging is one thing and getting a result or the commitment is another. These days we are expected to deliver a punchy presentation that not only gives results, it also needs to be engaging and fit the business need. Our two day learning event will take you through a practical approach in getting the best out of your presentations and give you the confidence to deliver to a wide audience. We believe that what happens when you get back to the day and ready for your next presentation is where it all happens and we offer personal coaching interventions to ensure we meet your learning goals in bringing the learning alive. This learning will support anyone looking to engage their teams through impactful learning and the ability to deliver internal sessions.

Why this training course?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • To identify ‘what great looks like’ and how we can learn from this
  • To improve our confidence in presenting
  • To build awareness of effective communication
  • To develop understanding of how we interact & adapt to others
  • To enhance the way we approach our presentations
  • To demonstrate a structured approach
  • To deliver a business focused presentation

What will you learn?

  • Understanding ourselves, our mindset and belief
  • What does great look like and why?
  • Understanding the audience and matching their needs to influence within a presentation
  • Impactful communication
  • Your approach and how to structure it
  • Candidate practice and peer to peer feedback

Who should do this course?

This course is suitable for all: who are likely to be presenting or will be presenting. Head office roles, operational managers and sales people.

Next Course Dates

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