Discipline and Grievance

This course teaches the delegates how to deal with poor performance and misconduct informally and formally and how to handle employee disputes.

It will cover the relevant legislation, but with practical and realistic implementation. You will have the opportunity to discuss your own issues in a safe environment.

Plus, the option of a post course individual coaching session with a very experienced HR professional (as an additional extra).  

Why this training course?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the legal framework for dealing with employee performance
  • Carry out informal performance improvement methods
  • Identify formal methods for dealing with poor performance and misconduct
  • Deal with employee complaints
  • Have practical examples of how to handle performance, disciplinarians and grievances

What will you learn?

  • The legal context of discipline and grievance
  • How to write a performance improvement plan
  • The disciplinary process
  • How to conduct an investigation
  • How to conduct a disciplinary hearing
  • How to terminate employment
  • How to conduct a grievance hearing
  • Other methods to resolve employee disputes

Who should do this course?

Managers and Leaders HR Professionals

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